Is your jewelry really handmade by you? Yes! The mission of AFH Jewelry is to design and create beautiful things that bring people joy, which in turn, brings glory to God. 

What does the AFH in AFH Jewelry stand for? It stands for “All for Him” and refers to Colossians 3:23. We believe that everything we do while here on this earth is with the intention to bring glory and honor to God. In doing that, more specifically for this business, we believe that our biggest priority is to not only do our best and create beautiful things, but to create things that encourage, inspire, and point people to Jesus. 

How should I care for my jewelry? Great question! Harsh chemicals in swimming pools can cause any type of metal to break down or tarnish. Chemicals in shampoo, perfume, lotion, etc. as well as dirt and oils in sweat can also react with metal and do this as well. This is the case with real or plated silver or gold. To protect your jewelry, it’s best to remove it before swimming, showering, or working out and avoid applying perfumes and lotions while you are wearing it. 

How do I know what bracelet size to buy? Knowing your wrist measurement is the best way to determine which size to buy. A fabric tape measure is the easiest way but you can also measure your wrist with a piece of string and then lay it next to a ruler to get the length. 

How do I know what size necklace to buy? Because we know bodies come in different shapes and sizes, we offer size variations on many of our necklaces. Since all our jewelry is handmade, we also are able to offer options in many styles and lengths that you couldn’t get at other stores. We can also customize something for you if you want it a different length than the options listed. Just contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to work with you to get the perfect fit!

What is your shipping policy? All our items are handmade, many made at the time of your purchase. Please allow 1-3 days processing time to get your jewelry made and packaged up. After that, shipping times may vary depending on the method of shipping you choose. Read our full shipping policy here

What is your return policy? We do accept returns or exchanges for most items. For our full return policy click here.

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